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Jaguar XE Prestige latest ready against the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series


Jaguar XE Prestige latest ready against the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series. Anything special to deal with Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3-Series?

The first privilege is the look of the exterior. XE provided a charming design with hood and spoty. As for the grill used decorated with chrome accents and there is bi-xenon headlamp sharp features with DRL.

With a wheelbase 2835 mm, XE success presents a low seating configuration and the cabin became widespread. The dashboard layout is minimalist but closed with leather color information screen size is 8 inches.

The most exceptional of XE on a machine is being used. The machine brings the 1,999 cc 4-cylinder turbo, he was able to issue the power 200 dk 280 Nm torque at the 1,750-4,000 rpm. Although the suspension is rather hard, control XE belongs either. Basically the XE's been able to compete with the C-Class and also the 3 Series. Dear price XE is still more expensive than the two competing.

Suzuki Ciaz will be a Car Taxi in the country of Indonesia


The latest Suzuki Ciaz sedan officially launched in Indonesia in November 2015. Not only are sold to consumers, the Suzuki Ciaz will also serve as taxis in Indonesia.

"Suzuki Ciaz we sell as a taxi, is the process. There are some companies, "said Davy Tuilan j., Deputy Managing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) (5/2).

Sale Ciaz Suzuki as the CAB votes would donate contributions sales for Suzuki. Even though it cannot yet be said to be clearly different companies because the two asked to remove some parts of Ciaz. But soon Ciaz will enliven the taxi market Indonesia.

BMW X 2 Has Already Started To Test, Prospective Challengers Mercedes GLA

bmw x2

The presence of BMW model X 2 increasingly approach reality, with the capture of extant prototype crossover BMW being tested in snowy conditions. X 2 is called will be the alternative is more sporty than the x 1.

With car wrap camouflage, this test looks to have double-kidney grille typical Bavarian manufacturer, then carry the windscreen otobib firmly underlined, the position of the pillars of the compact and the roofline that flattens out. The front fascia have a main light stretching.

The aft section there is a dual exhaust system, the following baggage door rear spoiler with integrated. Passing form of X 2 as a hatchback with a high profile.

UKL platform, which has been used for the X 1 and 2 Series Active Tourer Racing will become a base of x 2. While the matter of engine specifications, rumored to be offered with several options of gasoline engines and diesel 2.0 litre TwinPower Turbo.

BMW launches X 2 is expected to be this year, or at least early next year, with beginning as a model concept. If the official marketed then he will be dealing directly with the Mercedes-Benz GLA. M Performance variants also called will catch up with around 300 Hp-powered machines.

Car Recall This Week In The U.s.


Party to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety appears to be increasingly fierce quality condition monitoring of cars circulating in the United States (us).

The case-made as well as Nakata airbag problem involving dieselgate parties VW so example if regukator transportation and highway safety in the U.S. is not indiscriminate if it finds a potential error.

It's not because last year recorded no urang from 33736 lives drifting due to traffic accidents across the us.

Well, for a week and then there are at least three famous brands that have to face recall.

Audi initiated the recall announced over the weekend with a number of models produced in 2012-2013 as the Audi A6 and A7.

Both were found to have a problem on otobib information the Passenger Occupant Detection System (PODS), the airbags will not explode is suspected when there is a collision, as well as side airbags.

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (MBUSA) is also rolling out recall for model C300 C300 and C400 2015 artificial produced throughout the year 2014.

Problem found was an error in the software that will help power steering performance. It is dangerous at a time when a car drove at low speed, control the direction of the pace so it's hard to do.

The invitation to the workshop this week closed with a recall over McLaren P1 hybrid. The unit affected by the calling was produced on March 1, 2013 to 31 December 2015.

Problem found is the potential opening of the bonnet on the ' baggage ' on bonnet of car while speeding.

All improvements over the cars at the top is free of charge.

During the month of December 2015, there are at least 19 car brands that have to undergo recall. Call it Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Honda, Jeep, Subaru, as well as Maserati and Ferrari